Antiseptic and antimicrobial drugs are used as local therapy.

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Skin cleansing from keratinized particles is carried out with gels and ointments, which are based on salicyl. Treatment of Cialis pills areas with preparations containing vitamin A is also prescribed. With complications of the disease, corticosteroid hormonal agents are used. At the same time, patients are prescribed a vitamin complex - A, B and E.

In case of illness, it is recommended to eat strawberries, milk, carrots, dried apricots and rosehip broth. When sick, it is recommended to eatstrawberries and milk.
Hair lichen has rather unpleasant symptoms and sometimes requires long-term treatment.

With the formation of rashes, you can not comb and rub the skin. To improve the condition of the affected areas, lubricate with emollients. When taking water procedures only with high-quality and natural detergents that do not cause allergic reactions.

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Hair lichen in most cases is completely cured and no traces remain at the site of the foci. So that the disease does not pose a danger, you should consult a doctor for help in time. The neglected form of hair lichen leads to a chronic form and can cause suppuration in the affected areas.
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Pityriasis versicolor pilaris is a chronic (may last for decades) inflammatory skin disease with an etiology not fully understood. It was fully described in 1856 by the researcher Devergy, after whom this ailment received its second name. Deverzhi's lichen most often affects children, but its occurrence in adults is no exception.

In the course of cialis pills study of this dermatosis, it turned out that it can occur between the ages of 2.5 and 75 years.

When hair lichen is found in a child, then after an exacerbation, a period of remission begins, and at the time of puberty, the disease begins to progress. At this time, lesions capture an increasing amount of skin. It also recurs in the cold season.

Pityriasis versicolor pilaris is a rather rare heterogeneous ailment (accounts for 0.03% of all skin diseases), which is supposedly (researchers' opinions still differ) is divided into both hereditary and acquired forms. Moreover, the first variant is most often diagnosed, and it occurs due to the presence in the body of a defective gene, which is transmitted autosomal dominantly from parents to children.

However, its presence does not give 100% certainty that this disease must necessarily develop. An improper diet can provoke it, due to which there is an acute shortage of cialis online, especially A.

This is also facilitated by an unhealthy lifestyle, weak immunity, the impact on the body of any external negative factors (dirt, sharp temperature fluctuations, and so on). In such situations, it can be considered that it is an acquired form.

The clinical picture of this dermatosis is based on the pathological course in which follicular keratosis occurs. This means that the mouths of the sebaceous hair follicles are affected, resulting in the formation of tadalafil follicular carrot-colored papules or conical nodules (Besnier cones).

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They are covered with keratinized whitish scales, on the surface of which there are twisted downy hairs (fusiform atrophy).

When, for example, lichen is found in the hair of a child, it must first be differentiated from ringworm, since children often come into contact with street animals.

It is not uncommon for only lichen of the scalp to occur, while other areas are not affected. In this situation, this lichen in the hair is very similar to microsporia, psoriasisor seborrhea, and only a specialist can distinguish Devergie from these diseases, based on a visual examination, but often prescribing a series of laboratory tests.

Often, a histological study of biological material is necessary in order to differentiate Devergy with lichen planus, Darier's disease, ichthyosis and brilliant lichen, since this disease is very similar to them. When erythroderma is present, the doctor also excludes toxidermia.

The photo shows how, with a weakened immune system, lesions can grow in just two weeks. At the very beginning of the disease, the clinical picture is formed either rapidly or slowly.